E-mails Just Proved Trump Pushed Doctored Inaugural Crowd Photos

Size matters.

At least it does to Donald Trump. Unfortunately for him, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from E&E News revealed that the National Park Service helped the White House push “a debunked claim that President Donald Trump had the largest inaugural crowd size ever.”

The day after Trump was inaugurated, National Park Service Communications Director Mike Litterst contacted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, noting that he would help with “any corrective messaging.”

Litterst said:

“Acting National Park Service Director Mike Reynolds asked me to reach out regarding the NPS Tweet yesterday about inauguration attendance and see if I can assist in any corrective messaging.”

Spicer responded via e-mail, “The aerial photos [Reynolds] mentioned would be great.”

The National Park Service, in turn, sent the White House tightly cropped photos of the National Mall while leaving out parts of the photos where the crowd was thinner. These photos also contrast with the actual photos from Trump’s inauguration that the NPS tweeted out earlier that day. This tweet, of course, was followed by the infamous “full Twitter shutdown.”

This FOIA e-mail exposure confirms that both Spicer and Trump began their administration by lying to the American people, both when Trump complained about how the “unfair” media portrayed his crowd size in front of a CIA memorial, and when Spicer claimed, “That was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period.”

Having begun his presidency on a foundation of lies, we should not be surprised that he has continued to lie nearly every day of his presidency. In the short time that he’s been in office, Trump is already the most corrupt and least honest President in the American history.

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