The Head of Planned Parenthood Just Brutally Called Out Ivanka Trump

The White House has been working to paint First Daughter Ivanka Trump as the human face of a regime that seems at best unaware of (and more likely apathetic to) the lives everyday Americans. For her part, Ivanka has tried branding her businesses as vehicles of empowerment for women. However, most observers view her posturing as a hollow front for one for one of her father’s principle enablers.

Recently, Ivanka has come under fire for taking lavish vacations at great taxpayer expense while simultaneously accepting an office in the White House and staying silent on the debate over her father’s plan to strip healthcare from 24 million Americans.

Cecile Richards, however, will not be silenced. Today, the president of Planned Parenthood called out Ivanka for her failure to take the side of women, and she pulled no punches, saying Ivanka’s silence on healthcare is “deafening.” (Video below)

It’s time for Ivanka to… stand for women,” Richards told Buzzfeed today, adding that Trumpcare “is going to be a catastrophe for women in this country.”

In the 30 minute interview, Richards was blunt in her criticism of the disastrous legislation and it’s supporters, saying they are “literally bargaining away the rights to maternity care benefits and birth control benefits.”

Any member of Congress, but particularly any woman, who votes for this bill is betraying every woman in America,” Richards added. “Women literally, will not only lose their healthcare, but lose their lives over this bill. And that is not an overstatement.

Throughout the interview, Richards delivered a number of brutal and much-deserved blows to the Trump regime’s assault on women. It’s worth a watch:


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